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Prima Donna kick a hole in the Khyber 7-28-10

You may or may not have heard of Prima Donna, hailing from Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard their particular brand of sixties-ish Sonics era garage inspired rocknroll, do yourself a favor and change that. Like, right now. It’s okay, go. I’ll wait.

Stacey and Joe, 6-7-09

Back in June I photographed the wedding of two of my dear friends, Joe and Stacey. These two kids had a picture-perfect day. After weeks of rain, the clouds parted and we FINALLY got some sunshine. It was a good thing, too, because their ceremony was held outside on the grounds of the Glen Foerd […]

Green Day Kick the Crap Out of the Spectrum 7-21-09

The church of rock and roll was certainly in session on this BALMY July evening. Thousands of Philadelphians (and New Jerseyans too!!) ┬ádescended upon the soon-to-be-demolished Wachovia Spectrum on July 21st to witness Green Day literally shake the building to it’s foundation in one of the venue’s final shows. Blasting through an intense set list […]