SXSW 2009

Sauced in Austin 2009: Saturday 3-21 Highlight

The Living Things I have to say that after seeing SO many bands all week in Austin that you can get kind of jaded or snobbish. Or, you can go the way some of my friends went, and that was downright exhausted. I get it, but you can lay around at home. Luckily my enthusiasm […]

Sauced in Austin 2009: Friday 3-20

The AKA’s So Friday arrives and again we hit up the kontinental breffiss and I fill myself to the brim with fried potatoes to try and sop up the booze. I know we found coffee Thursday night, but without having to carry my gear around, we were “freer” to visit “establishments.” Hence I don’t really […]

Sauced in Austin 2009: Thursday 3-19

Things were off to a great start. Still had my wallet, no major drama or fights. This is what I’m talking about. After hitting up the kontinental breffis (eggs, bacon, and homefriiiiiiiiiies), the boys and I made our plan for the day. Turns out we’d all be separating for the day shows, but would come […]

Sauced In Austin 2009: Wednesday, 3-18-09

We meet again, Austin. 🙂 This year was second year in attendance of the SXSW music festival, and I couldn’t be more excited. With too many bands to see on the agenda, it was “get off the plane, drop the bag, grab the cam and GO.”