Honah Lee gets the cops called… 9-2-10

Recently our great friend Amanda held an art show up in Jersey City, and since she’s going away to art school, she decided to hold a nice show closing event and featured Honah Lee to wrap things up. The space was small, hot and sweaty, but it was an awesome show. Just as the song […]

Baby Isabella doesn’t like angel wings…

Back in early July I had the pleasure of playing with Baby Isabella. Just about three months old, we had big ideas. Isabella’s mommy had grand plans of putting her in a halo and angel wings but Bella thought otherwise.

The Warped Tour rumbles through Camden 7-17-09

My good friend Leigh and I headed down to the sweltering Camden Waterfront to take in this year’s installment of the Warped Tour. Can you believe this thing has gone on for 15 years already? Unbelievable. I was excited to catch the Vans’ main stage lineup,


Hi there! Welcome to my blog! Whether you’ve found me through Art All Night or through browsing the web, welcome! I’ve just completed my Wedding and Portraiture website, so I invite you all to check it out! More updates and photos to come soon. Until then, head over to www.Lucky17Photography.com right now and check out the new […]

Phantom Planet, Festival Pier, 8-15-08

I adore Phantom Planet. Pinto introduced me to them, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the way they change up their records, and while the songs are great, what really intrigues me are the intricate layers of sound that are involved with each song. They are a great headphone band, because each time […]


Bloc Party never ceases to amaze me. This band’s live show always kicks ass, and their light show is something to behold. I’m never disappointed when I see them, and this show was no exception.

The KOOKS, TLA, 6-5-08

The KOOKS are another band I’m currently in love with. Their most recent release, KONK, (available on Astralwerks records), has been in constant rotation both on my prehistoric (four button…) ipod as well as in my car. The CD case is already showing signs of wear, as I keep shoving it in and out of […]

THE WOMBATS! Blender Theater, NYC, 6-3-08

“…and Marsupiaaaaaaallllllss…” Ever since I was lucky enough to get a front row spot for the Wombats’ performance at SXSW in Austin… I’ve been addicted. I am absolutely madly in love with this band. The songs are ridiculously catchy, as are their harmonies.

Pennywise ROCK the TLA, 5-30-08

Pennywise is one of my all-time favorite punk bands. I got into them when I was about seventeen. They changed my life. I think “About Time” is my favorite record… but I do like them all. I covered this show for the Trentonian, and took Stampy along with me. There were SO many people at […]

Moscow Girls storm Dewey Beach, 4-18-08

So this past weekend I had the *pleasure* of shooting Moscow Girls at the Dewey Beach Pop Fest. They were on last… and absolutely killed it. I forgot just how much I love shooting these boys… Enjoy!!

Blog Revamp!

So I’ve decided to revamp my little blog to make it more functional. Rather than just having single photos presented, I’ve changed the format to accept both photos interspersed with blabber. Some shows just need a bit of explanation, and that’s what was missing from my previous blog’s design. I’m attending SXSW in the coming […]