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TRENTON, N.J. – After a busy and very challenging four years, Trenton’s own melodic pop-punk ensemble Honah Lee has returned in 2015 to release 33 On 45 – their long-awaited followup to 2011’s Life Won’t Let Me (GTG Records).

The record’s frenetic pace – clocking in at just under 30 minutes – delivers a swift one-two punch of trend-bucking, in-your-face 90‘s inspired fuzzed-out rock, complete with sizzling guitar riffs and low-end goodness. Honah Lee’s influences once again perfectly translate to catchy, heart-gripping melodic hooks that make for perfect windows-down car singalongs, highlighting singer Tim Hoh, Jr’s ability to write hooks that embed themselves in your brain after just one listen.

Recorded at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia, PA by Joseph Boldizar between tours in 2013-14, this record finally translates the band’s incredible “let’s see how FAST we can play this” high-octane live performances to a recording. Boldizar’s mastery ensures ihl_33_on_45_release_2015t will sound equally at home on a shitty boombox or on your dad’s awesome stereo.

33 On 45’s Official Release Party and Show – Feb 28, 2015
The band will host its record release party THIS SATURDAY, FEB 28th, 2015 at ASBURY LANES in ASBURY PARK, NJ, featuring a roster of stellar bands – including special guests Mikey Erg!, Molly Rhythm, Hot Blood, Mad Anthony and Doug Zambon of the Vansaders as well as M.C. Tommy Plural of GTG Records  – this is definitely a show to see.

Get advance tickets here: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=5588575

Behind the Recording – This Blogger’s Personal Take
The release of 33 On 45 quite poignantly stands as a testament to Honah Lee’s resiliency, adaptability and indefatigable work ethic.

Things seemed to be moving right along for the band in 2012-2013, with a full schedule of touring and making progress on the new record. However, aside from the normal rocknroll shenanigans that tend to get musicians in hot water, Honah Lee faced a very serious scare in September of 2013, when bassist Jim Graz was hospitalized with a deadly strain of bacterial meningitis. This particular strain made local headlines for hospitalizing eight people in the Princeton, New Jersey area.

Graz was placed in intensive care and remained hospitalized for just under a month. Facing a number of potential risks and long-term side effects, his personal fate was uncertain, as were his abilities to return to playing music professionally – leaving Honah Lee in the lurch.

33on45_front_cover_webRecording for 33 On 45 was only half-complete at this time, and with Graz’s hospitalization, was put on hold indefinitely until his recovery. Thankfully, rocknroll miracles do happen, and Graz was able to make an amazing full recovery that wowed even his team of doctors and specialists. He regained his strength, regrew his chops and triumphantly returned to complete the recordings, getting Honah Lee back on the road and on stage – where they belong.

Drummer Tony G, also a talented graphic artist and filmmaker, began 2014 by setting an ambitious goal for the band to produce one music video per month to coincide with the new singles. Despite their setbacks, the band continued on and completed that goal with flying colors (or, flaming cats, if you’ve seen their video for “The Inevitable.”) Those videos are now collected and available for purchase on the band’s accompanying DVD “Music to Look At.”

Additionally, in an ever-increasingly digital world, Honah Lee decided to go against the grain and press 33 On 45 as a very limited-run 12” vinyl as its only tangible copy of the record. Digital fans can download via iTunes, Amazon, and stream the album right from the band’s revamped website, www.honahleemusic.com, but the 12” vinyl records are available only through the band, and will be on-hand for purchase at the Feb 28th release show. Digital downloads are included with each vinyl purchase.

And so, 2015 begins a new chapter for these four hardworking Trenton rockers. With a brand new record, website, DVD, and a whole new outlook on life, they’ll tell you themselves – there’s no limit on what they’ll get into next.

Music bloggers, reviewers and fans alike:
Keep up with Honah Lee at www.HonahLeeMusic.com and stream the entirety of 33 On 45 for free. While you’re there, sign up for their email list to get exclusive band updates, invitations and general tomfoolery.


Be sure to pick up your copy of the limited-run vinyl at the show from the band themselves!


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