Solid Gold Hits NYC


Solid Gold Hits at the Ivy Brown Gallery, NYC! Featuring the work of Sunny Bak and Cey Adams

Following MCA DAY so many wonderful things have transpired. I am so happy to have met some incredible new friends who share many of the same interests, had a few great trips back and forth between NYC, saw some incredible artwork (more on that in a moment, I promise!), and saw the realization of a dream completed. All in all, I am feeling pretty good.

So if you’re feelin’ good and you’re feelin’ right… uh… somebody step up and grab the mic…

Couldn’t resist that one. It fit so perfectly. 😉

After NYC’s MCA DAY wrapped, organizer Mike Kearney headed home to Boston, where he proceeded to reinforce, decorate, and expand upon the Beastie Boy fan message easels that were on display at MCA DAY. He connected with some tremendous folks in Boston who helped him add some of the hundreds of messages that poured in from Beastie Boys fans from all over the world via email and facebook. His mission: make sure it gets to the band. And this week, I saw it happen.

Incredible what a little chutzpah and a train ticket can do.

Mike Kearney and I coordinated a meetup at the Ivy Brown Gallery in Manhattan, where the exhibition of the art of the legendary Cey Adams and photographer Sunny Bak are on display until June 21, 2012. The show is called “Solid Gold Hits,” and it features an incredible blend of Cey’s artwork and Sunny’s early BBoy photography. The images and art that are presented definitely capture an incredible period of time, and if you can get up to NYC before the show closes, I highly recommend you do.


Seriously, don’t miss this.

Luckily for Mike and I, Cey Adams was at the gallery while we were there, and he spent some time walking us through some of the pieces and telling us about the history behind them. It was incredible to hear these stories about the Beastie Boys right from someone who was with them through it all.


Mike Kearney making good on his word. Fans: Your messages were personally delivered!


Mike and Cey Adams!


Cey was gracious enough to smile for a pic with me, too! Thanks Cey!

I am so thankful to Cey for sharing his personal memories with me. I also got to watch Mike personally hand-deliver the signed fan easels, which will be delivered to the BBoy camp. I really find it incredible that to think that as humongous as this world is, fans from all over the world have had the opportunity to send their notes of love and gratitude via the internet and have them actually reach their intended recipients. Sometimes when you put something online it disappears into a black hole and you wonder “is anyone reading this?” Well rest assured BBoy fans… your messages will be heard. I just find that incredible. And again… all thanks to ONE guy taking a chance. Kearney, you rock.

Ivy Brown was also at the gallery with us, along w/ her dog Buster, who was just about the cutest art fan I ever did meet. What a sweet pea.


Buster! The Ivy Brown Gallery doggie. So adorable.

After leaving the gallery, Mike and I headed our separate ways, only to meet back up with some other friends at Brooklyn’s Death By Audio, where Ad-Rock was scheduled to DJ a benefit for the feminist punk band Pussy Riot. The incredible ladies of Permanent Wave (a network of feminist artists and activists) put together this show to raise legal defense funds for the band, who was wrongly imprisoned (with a term of SEVEN years!) in Russia for voicing their opinions on Putin. There’s more in-depth photos and a writeup of the show on SPIN magazine’s website here, and Papermag features a great writeup and gallery of photos by Rebecca Smeyne here – check it out!


With all of the press there flashing away, I decided against using flash… I like how dim the place was and for me, that’s half the romance.

It’s been a long time since I found a good basement-style show in NYC, and this was it. It was 1,000 degrees with a million percent humidity, but once the lumberjack deejay Ad-Rock took over, the sweat turned into dancin’ grease. My camera wasn’t so happy but my dancin’ shoes sure were. The group of us were all in agreement that we’d like to ask him to make us a mixtape because it was really taking us all back. He’s got the dirrrrrrrrty mixes. Good gracious.

Here are a few of my favorites of Ad-Rock at DBA:


I love it when you spazz out all alone… 😉



He probably could have played all night, but like all good things, it had to end. The crowd was ultra-supportive, and I was glad to have caught a smile before he made his exit. Thank you Adam!

The rain never let up but that didn’t bring our spirits down.

Cheers to a great night of body movin’ for a really great cause after a great day of art and watching people make turn positive thought into positive action. What a wonderful world we live in when we take a minute to appreciate it.

Here are a few other snaps from the gallery and show.



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  1. Mah Dukes says:

    Thank you again, Michelle, for your insights and artistry. What a great night it was!

  2. Niklas says:

    Thanks a lot for making this special for those of us who weren’t there. /Niklas, Stockholm, Sweden