I’m going to keep this short and sweet… VOTE!

I don’t like to get involved in heated political discussions via the internet. I’d rather talk with you face to face so we can really get into the nitty gritty. We can avoid the whole name-calling game because the internet gives some folks a false sense of security when they can hide behind a keyboard. But sometimes (like right now) meeting face to face is not an option.

So here’s what I’m going to say: I’m going to leave my personal beliefs to the side for a moment and soapbox this instead because it applies to all of us.

Presidential candidate opinions aside – if you care about our country YOU HAVE TO VOTE IN THIS ELECTION. NOT VOTING IS NOT AN OPTION.

The deadline to REGISTER and/or UPDATE your voting registration is 21 days before an election.

TODAY, October 4, 2012, we are at 34 days before the election.

If you have MOVED or GOTTEN MARRIED or CHANGED YOUR NAME – you NEED to UPDATE your voter registration so that your official ID/driver’s license matches what is in the voting records. It literally takes 2 minutes to fill out and print out the form, tape it shut and put it in the mail.


That means it’s F-R-E-E.

Get your NJ Voter forms here, listed by county. Look, I went and made it super easy for you.

Just CLICK: http://www.njelections.org/voting-information-voter-registration-forms.html


There isn’t much time left. Don’t put it off.

Here’s general NJ voter information, also: http://www.njelections.org/voting-information.html

If you’re not an NJ resident, bust out the ol’ google machine and type in your state + voter registration in the little searchy box. Chances are your state’s website will come up and you can get the forms from there. Or, go to your local division of motor vehicles or your library or police station. They typically have the forms there.

Don’t sit idly by and complain when you don’t like the results but you didn’t take action. This is OUR future. Don’t let it be decided by people that you may not necessarily agree with.


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