Blindsided and Devastated by Grief

Today I found out we lost Adam Yauch, affectionately known to the world as MCA of the Beastie Boys.

I’m still working on putting my thoughts into words, but all I know is I can’t stop crying. I’ll update the blog when I’ve had a chance to wrap my mind around this tremendous loss, but for now I want to reach out to my readers and say as loudly as I can… HUG YOUR LOVED ONES AND HOLD THEM TIGHTLY. RIGHT NOW.

If you love someone and haven’t said it yet, make a move.

If you see an injustice, step in and make a difference. Try to make it right.

Do something to bring more light and positivity into the world.


My terribly broken heart goes out to Adam, Mike D., Yauch’s wife Dechen and their daughter Tenzin, and all of the millions of fans out there who feel this so, so deeply and know the magnitude of this loss. We have lost a great musician and an excellent human being.

Rest in peace, dear friend. Until we meet again. <3

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