Prima Donna kick a hole in the Khyber 7-28-10


You may or may not have heard of Prima Donna, hailing from Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard their particular brand of sixties-ish Sonics era garage inspired rocknroll, do yourself a favor and change that. Like, right now. It’s okay, go. I’ll wait.

Maybe pop open a new window and listen while you read.

Ready now?

The band is currently touring the US and had a quick stop in Philly at the Khyber bar on a Wednesday night at the end of July. Me and the Honah Lee boys headed down to support. I’d been warned by friends who saw them in NYC a few days before that the party would probably go well into Thursday morning, and I don’t know why I didn’t pay closer attention to that. I didn’t make it through much of the afterparty at all, and I was up till close to 4am. Let’s just say work on Thursday was ROUGH.

Prima Donna’s stage presence is a force to be reckoned with. Honestly. I was so unbelievably giddy at how these boys completely rocked my lens off my face. They were an absolute dream to photograph, killing it on stage and delivering a live show that needs to be seen. Not many bands give me what I want while on stage. So many times my ears and eyes make a compromise. Tonight was NOT one of those nights. I can only hope that my live shots can hint at a fraction of how impressive they are on stage. True showmen, I don’t think their singer/guitarist Kevin Preston ever touched the stage with both feet for more than a few seconds all night long. The guy can catch some serious air and can kick higher than any dude I know.

After the set ended and the band loaded out, we milled around outside on the street, trying to figure out what to do next. I think my favorite quote for the night was from Kevin, who looked me square in the eyes with a very serious expression and said “So, are you people ready to drink or WHAT?”

He found the right crew of people tonight. Honah Lee is always ready to party. Come on now.

Plans were made for the band to crash with the Honah Lees at Tim’s house, and off they went in search of Paddy’s Pub from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I told the Prima Donnas that it didn’t exist. They swore that it did, in fact, exist, and that they were going to find it. We sent Tim with the band to help them navigate their way back to our area, while the rest of us headed back home. And that’s when the real fun started. Or so I’m told…

Here is a very large set of images from their set at the Khyber. I can’t freaking wait until they come around again. Next time, I’ll take the day off work.

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  3. Eleonora says:

    these pictures are amazing! thank you!