Party! Party! Party! time is over. 4-25-10


After a wicked week of craziness, sadly our west coast friends had to make their way back to California. After a brutal hangover morning at home, Jim and Tanya and I shook off our hangovers temporarily to go and say goodbye to the Cobras before they headed back to the city and then back home.

With barely a voice to speak of and Jim turning various shades of green, our visit to the hotel was brief, but hugs and goodbyes were exchanged.

Somewhere along the way, a “party squirrel” was acquired by the Cobras. Turns out you can’t take a squirrel on an airplane… so Sketch, wherever you are, buddy… Happy trails. My favorite image from the goodbye-ing is of Dirty Nasty, with his new employee badge and tour sunglasses.

Though this tour was over, there are many more tours to be had. That I’m sure of. Plans for Party! Party! Party! Part 2! were already in the works as their van pulled away. You just wait.

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