Party! Party! Party! Day 4: Grillin’ and Chillin’ and Mill Hillin’

There is so much going on here... WILD times with these Cobras!

“EYYYY SPAGHETTI HEAD! I’M ROCKIN’ HERE!!!” WILD times with these Cobras!

With my foggy memories from this whirlwind tour, I forgot to mention that Lori, Tim, and Jim and I kidnapped Trell (the Cobras’ keyboardist) and took him home to Trenton with us after Don Hill’s. Muahahaha!!!

Once we got back to Tim and Jen’s house, poor exhausted Lori headed home, and we proceeded to light up the party shed and keep it going – at some ridiculous hour like 4am (or something) while everyone else went to bed. Boo, hiss. We, officially, were the champions. The sun was coming up but still we sang, danced, drank, and laughed together. Turns out aside from killing it on the keys, Trell is an accomplished songwriter in his own right. This night solidified it, we officially want to adopt Trell.

Shortly after we got there, Jenny finally got home from closing the bar and joined in the fun. We filled her in on the night’s details – still beaming and ridiculously excited from all that went down. It was getting brighter outside and the birds were chirping, and I think sometime around 8am we decided to lay down for a few minutes. After all, there was much more rocking to do tonight.

A few hours later the Cobras‘ bus rolled up to Tim’s house and everyone was in a mad dash to get ready for the show at the Mill Hill. So let’s see: Cobras + entourage + Honah Lees + entourage = a shit ton of people squooshed into Tim and Jen’s house. It was like a meth-inspired game of twister getting all these folks ready.

This night was to be the final show of the tour, and already I was starting to get sentimental. We were all pretty frikking haggard, dirty and exhausted, and I was running on negative sleep, with hardly a voice at all from all of the “YEAAAHHHHHH!-ing” I did at each show. I think I probably blew my voice from screaming like a banshee at the Foxboro show for three hours and then continuing to sing at Tim’s. Oh well.

Since it was my birthday week, I was surprised to have a BBQ birthday party during the afternoon at Tim’s. So all 8,000 of us did a little grillin and chillin, and I was treated to a surprise birthday cake in the shape of a Polaroid land camera. My boyfriend is so wonderful – I had no idea. Our friend Mrs. Holman made the cake – and not only was it precise in detail, it was positively DELICIOUS!! Yums.

The Honah Lee boys had a mini dance party beneath our new disco ball (at the expense of Brian’s fingers, whoops) and we started to begin the pregaming. As IF we needed more beer in our systems. But we did it anyway. Rocknroll is not for everyone.

After that it was time to head out to the Mill and get this last show on the road already.

The Mill was packed and I was excited to show our hometown crowd what we’d been talking about forever and a day and let them experience the Cobras for themselves. I particularly loved this show because the bands could get very personal with the crowd.

Tim mentioned stepping up his game after the Foxboro show – and I think he did a great job this night, running into the crowd, and generally being over the top. The photo of Tim singing directly into Jenny’s face was recently used in a book for their wedding. I found it extremely appropriate. 🙂 He also made sure I documented his “Jesus of Subeerbia” move, feeding beer to Jim and Dim, but screwing Tony out of a drink. By the time Tony said “EYYYY, Where’s my beer?,” he only ended up getting one spilled on him. This is what happens when there’s a bottle of something completely drank by Tim alone. You’ll see.

Anyhow, between cables hanging from the basement ceiling and a bunch of deliriously tired and drunk rockers we had an excellent night. And in true Mill Hill fashion, at closing time we all spilled out into the street for a late night photo shoot, including a giant F YOU picture for a band that is too shitty to mention by name. Yeah, that’s right. I said it.

The night ended with Ozzy, I mean Tim, barfing down the side of the band van. His lei lay there in the street, covered in puke. It was the perfect, most appropriate ending I could think of.

There was drunk talk of an afterparty that never materialized, but Tanya came back with us to Tim’s to crash, in hopes of us having a Sunday Funday. 🙂

This show was a blast and I’m extremely proud of these rock shots. You Cobras are crazy, and I love you all. I only wish we could tour more often. Listen to me talk… like I play an instrument. Ha.

So I’m going to shut up now and let the pictures do the talking. I really did try to edit these down but some of them were too funny NOT to post.

NEXT UP: Saying goodbye to our newfound friends. 🙁

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