Mystic Knights of the Cobra at the Uptown 2-13-10



My second night in the bay was spent rocking the hell out at the Uptown in Oakland. The Cobras shared the bill with Bobby Joe Ebola and a wonderful burlesque group called Jellyfish Kiss Burlesque. They really were a very talented, unique group. I have never seen anything like what they did on stage. Go ahead ladies!!

It was a night full of performance art and I positively ADORED the theater itself. Downtown Oakland is just full of these beautiful old neon signs that filled the street with warm glows. Just lovely. Too bad the only joint in our town that had neon just closed down. Weak.

The Mystic Knights of the Cobra (or MKOTC, or Cobras for short) are a party rock band in every sense of the word. Ever been to a Philo show? Supersuckers? Andrew WK? Yeah, like that. A shake-your-fist-in-the-air-while-you’re-shaking-your-ass kind of band. Like a drink-whiskey-till-the-sun-comes-up-and-do-some-stuff-you’re-really-going-to-regret kind of band. F yes.

So the Cobras tore it up for their bass player Sean’s birthday (note the photos with everyone doing shots on stage – the “naked” guy is the birthday boy). After the show I bought him a shot for his birthday and without thinking I bought him a giant slug of SoCo. I forget that not everybody parties the way we do Mill Hill style. Whoops.

He took the shot but I knew it had to be painful. I don’t know what he was drinking all night but it wasn’t SoCo. Sorry, buddy.

I have to make note here (because I’m a big jerk) about the poor bar service at the Uptown. Honestly, I stood at the bar waving a $20 bill for 25 minutes each time I wanted a beer. That got old FAST. There were two bartenders on duty, and they both magically lacked the ability to make eye contact and acknowledge bar patrons or remember an order that was larger than ONE drink while they got other orders together. I shit you not. Girl takes order for ONE bottled beer, turns, gets said beer, comes back, accepts payment, ignores everyone, takes one more single drink order, and the pattern continues. Seriously? I think they may run in contention for the worst bartenders ever. Hustle is a big part of tending a busy bar and if you don’t have that you should work at a diner or a hick dive. I believe service at a bar is paramount, and aside from the lovely building, great stage lighting and open, airy layout, I probably wouldn’t go back if I knew these two girls were tending bar again. Waiting a half hour for a drink, in my book, is unacceptable. I know this ain’t NYC, but seriously. Work that out, Uptown. Otherwise, thumbs up.

Moving on…

After the Cobras performed we headed off to the afterparty. Note to drunks everywhere: legally, nobody in the continental United States is allowed to sell booze after 2 a.m.. So don’t go lookin’ for a convenience store at 1:57 a.m. for booze. You aren’t going to find it. Not even in the scariest parking lot I’ve seen in a while. You might find a “party” that you really don’t wanna go to, but you aren’t going to find booze.

You might find some at a friend’s house, though. That’s probably a safer bet.

The afterparty went on into the wee hours and continued on into Sunday, when we visited Port Costa. Port Costa is like the land that time forgot, with an amazing view. I would have more Sunday Fundays of my own if I had scenery and warm weather like this. It’s too freaking cold here in NJ.

Enough blab for now. I’ll let my pics tell the story. There are a LOT in this gallery.

And so ends my fabulous weekend away… over WAY too fast. Seems like all my trips to the bay end this way.

We must do this again, Cobras. Something tells me we will. 🙂

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