The Warped Tour rumbles through Camden 7-17-09

My good friend Leigh and I headed down to the sweltering Camden Waterfront to take in this year’s installment of the Warped Tour. Can you believe this thing has gone on for 15 years already? Unbelievable.

One of my favorite crowd images ever.

One of my favorite crowd images ever.

I was excited to catch the Vans’ main stage lineup,

with the exception of a smaller local band, The AKA’s. My friend Nick has been touring with them all year and I was eager to catch them near our hometown.

Of course, my luck makes it so that they play extremely early, and there’s no way that I’ll catch them, even if I orb myself in like the ladies on “Charmed” do. So, I missed them. Bummer. Leigh managed to get there early and saw them… she’s got photos and she’ll add them to her writeup on

What I didn’t miss: NOFX, Less Than Jake, Shooter Jennings, Flogging Molly and Bad Religion. Hell yes.

I think one of my favorite moments during the day was during Less Than Jake’s set. They drew attention to the folks in the “VIP” tent, which was essentially just a raised platform with a tent over it, calling them all douchebags. In particular, bassist Roger Manganelli pointed out a girl in a purple top who’d been texting throughout the set.

“Everyone turn around and give the finger to the girl in the purple top for texting during our performance. There’s no fucking texting in rocknroll.”

Amen, brother.

Some highlights from the day…


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