Sauced in Austin 2009: Thursday 3-19

This year's "official" logo. I can work with this.

This year’s “official” logo. I can work with this.

Things were off to a great start. Still had my wallet, no major drama or fights. This is what I’m talking about.

After hitting up the kontinental breffis (eggs, bacon, and homefriiiiiiiiiies), the boys and I made our plan for the day. Turns out we’d all be separating for the day shows, but would come back together at some point. Austin is only so big.

For me: Avett Brothers at the Radio Room. The line for this show was down the freaking street. My pale, sunburn-prone self stood in line for over an hour to get in to this show. Also, this show was in demand because it was sponsored by Magic Hat. A semi-decent beer sponsoring a party is where you wanna go. Miller light gets REAL OLD REAL FAST. So, the line was longer than I expected.

Avett Brothers at the Radio Room

The Avett Brothers. Doin their thing.

Finally when I got into the bar I found I was just in time for the Avetts. Sweet. So I got myself a COLD Number 9 and muscled my way to the front of the crowd, to the ONLY spot available for a person to stand. On one foot. In the sun. Squashed against a steel bar. I, apparently, should have lined up 3 hours in advance if I wanted to get close to this band. My friend was right. People are SERIOUS.

I met these nice folks who were watching stageside and we ended up chatting for a while. They eventually were kind enough to let us switch spots so that I could get a better POV to take photos. Austin is really full of such nice people. I heart this city. It may sound stupid, but things like that just don’t happen to me in Jersey or NYC.

But I digress… check out the pics!

After the Avett’s wrapped, I wandered alllllllll the way down to the Palm Door, where a friend’s label was holding a showcase. Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers was the band I was asked to come down and check out.

After having a *few* beers at the last show I was really hoofing it across town to make it on time. The Palm Door is kind of, oh, I don’t know, out of the way. On foot. In any case it was emergency time by the time I got into the ladies room. Another woman was in there with me and she was quiet, reserved, and seemed a little uneasy. We shared a laugh, washed our hands, and made our way out. Except, she went on stage. Whoops. That was Samantha Crain. I’m a dope.

Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers

Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers

If you’ve never heard Samantha Crain before, I suggest you go and take a listen. She’s got this voice that seems so classical, so historic and so REAL, it’s hard to believe it’s coming from someone this young. Love. It.

Her songs are mellow and calming, balanced nicely with an acoustic guitar and sometimes, harmonica. Check her out at

Another nice surprise from SXSW. Yay Austin.

I got to visit with my friend for a bit, and enjoyed some of the food at the Oklahoma Music party at the venue. Note to self: go back next year… good food! Then it was back over to the busier part of the city for Lucero at Dirty Dog’s. OH YEEEAHHH!!!


Brian of Lucero setting his geetar equipment up.

Okay… so I was really excited about this show. Friends of mine have been trying for YEARS to get me into Lucero. Made me mix tapes, burned me CD’s… I just really didn’t wanna hear it. I don’t know why.

Anyway, just before SXSW I started to listen a bit and wanted to kick my own ass for not getting into these guys sooner. Tennessee whiskey-soaked blues sung with a set of raspy old vocal chords… be still my heart. Fronted by everybody’s favorite trainwreck, Ben Nichols. Could a girl ask for much more? Obviously, I’m biased. If you haven’t heard Lucero, you really really should give them a listen. Check them out at: You will be glad you did. Check out the pics!

After the show wrapped I spoke to Brian (guitarist) and told him that this was my first time seeing them live. He shook his head and said “Oh, no. Really? Ugh.” As if. I was really blown away. He told me they’d be playing again the next day at the same place. I told him I’d see him there. 🙂

After Lucero, Dave and I just kind of wandered around, in and out of places. It appeared we’d found a bubble in time that should never exist in Austin: A few hours that pass where there are NO bands playing that we even remotely want to see. So, we meandered in and out of a few bars, seeing what was what. Eventually, we discovered a really delicious coffee place that made black coffee that tasted like sludge. Delicious. Caffeinated. Sludge. We’ll be going back there next year.

Next up! FRIDAY’s bands!

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