Sauced in Austin 2009: Saturday 3-21 Highlight


The Living Things

I have to say that after seeing SO many bands all week in Austin that you can get kind of jaded or snobbish. Or, you can go the way some of my friends went, and that was downright exhausted. I get it, but you can lay around at home.

Luckily my enthusiasm caught on to one of my roommates and we headed down to Prague to check out a 4-song superset by the Living Things late night.

They had drum problems so that the set was delayed about 45 minutes. We stood there for what seemed like forever. Finally, 4 cocktails later, the band went on.

They pulled some homeless folks on stage with them and gave them dollar bills with “I’m a Mercedes Marxist” written on them. The homeless guys were all smiles until they were told to BURN the dollar bills on stage. Oh, no. Really? Poor guys.

Just when things started rolling, the band left the stage. Jaws hit the floor. They were done. Four songs.


Check out the pics from the SHORT set. Worth it!!

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