Sauced in Austin 2009: Friday 3-20


The AKA’s

So Friday arrives and again we hit up the kontinental breffiss and I fill myself to the brim with fried potatoes to try and sop up the booze. I know we found coffee Thursday night, but without having to carry my gear around, we were “freer” to visit “establishments.” Hence I don’t really remember too much about Thursday, really.


Anyway, my friend Nick (Moscow Girls) was touring with the band the AKA’s from Philadelphia. He’d told the Pinto boys that they would be in town so we all headed down to Red 7 to check them out. I know that the AKA’s are relatively local, but I’d never seen them live.

They have a high energy pop/punk feel and their stage presence is really fantastic. Singer Mike Ski has some pretty sweet moves. Nick held his own as well, dangling upside down on Mike’s back during a solo. Awww local love!

Check the band out at: and check out the pics below.

After the AKA’s finished, Dave, the Pintos and I all visited with Nick for a bit. We hadn’t seen him since he’d left for tour. It was nice to catch up.

Next on the agenda was one of my favorites from last year’s festival… THE WHIP from Manchester, UK (

Do you like to dance? Do you like music? Then you’ll probably shake your butt to the Whip. Pretty friggin amazing. This band blends digital music with guitar, bass, and drums, and the results are booty-shakin. This first appearance was at the Cedar Street Courtyard, a narrow slice of land between two buildings. Obvs. It’s a courtyard.


The Whip at the Cedar Street Courtyard. Boom!!

For the 30 minutes the Whip had the stage, it became a heaving, thriving crowd of dancing maniacs. At like 2pm. I love SXSW. I only grabbed a few photos because I was too busy shakin it.

Moving on from the Cedar Street Courtyard, I saw the guy that plays “Roy” from NBC’s The Office. Too bad I was super excited, and nobody knew what the hell I was talking about. Celebrity sighting FAIL.

Next up for me: Lucero again at the Dirty Dog. Super excited to see them again!


Lucero at Dirty Dog’s… again.

The main difference between the last show and this one was that singer Ben Nichols was in much worse shape. Somehow overnight he managed to either crack or break a RIB. He walked gingerly around the stage and winced each time he moved too quickly. I’m really curious about what exactly happened. I guess we’ll never know.

This show was a good one, but the white-hat-cargo-pants-and-flip-flops crowd was in full force, slinging beer EVERYWHERE. I had to hide my camera under my shirt to try to keep it dry and safe.

Check out the pics below!

After Lucero it was off to find a bite to eat and get ready for The Postelles at Maggie Mae’s ( Though this band is from NYC, to me, they have a very British pop sound. Really catchy.


The Postelles

We also all got to really “hang out” at this show, and the boys got nice and schmammed. At one point, while I was shooting the band, Chris Pinto grabbed me to sing in my face, and one of the security folks asked me “Are these guys bothering you, miss?” HAHAHA. Hardly. Check out the drunken boys along with my shots of the Postelles!

When the Postelles finally wrapped, I said goodbye to my friends and began the LONGGGGG trek to La Zona Rosa, which is freaking across town. Yikes. It’s worth the walk because I’m going to the Scottish Music party to see the Proclaimers! Yeah!! You know the “I would walk 500 miles…” guys. After the long walk to La Zona Rosa, the song felt rather appropriate.

Check out the shots from the show!


The Proclaimers!

Next up it was over to the Austin Music Hall for DEVO! YES!!

Luckily I was already nearby the Music Hall at La Zona Rosa, so the walk wasn’t too far. I got there a bit early and caught Tricky’s set, which was an exercise in high ISO’s. It was fun making abstract art out of him as he writhed in the blue and red lights for a large portion of his first three songs.

Here’s Tricky’s gallery….

and now DEVO!!!! Still freaking amazing live. So glad I was able to catch these guys!!


Devo with the crazy screen behind them. Trippy!!

After the show I slugged it back to my room, dragging my tired self home for some much needed relaxin. I came back to a hotel room full of overtired boys as well. Who ordered $20 personal pizzas at 4am? I don’t know.

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