Doolin! 12-19-09

Kristy and Brian are clients of mine who married in the fall of 2008. I photographed their wedding, and they have since moved into their first home and started expanding their family. In addition to their kitty Abigail, they recently adopted little Doolin. He’s a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. Holy cow. A-dorable.

Not only is this guy super friendly, but he’s also really good at giving the sweet puppy face that makes you forget about the shoes he just chewed up. I saw him again recently and he’s already nearly double this size. Even cuter.

The first shot in the gallery is one of my photos from their wedding – enlarged and hung on their living room wall. Nice.

So for those of you curious…YES, I do pet portraits. I absolutely love animals. The more, the merrier. So if you’ve got some creatures you want photos of and with, gimme a ring! I’d love to meet some of your furry (and maybe even not furry? feathered? scaly? fishy?) friends.

Anyway… here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

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